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Because life's too short for a book you're not in the mood for.

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We'll help you track your reading and choose your next book based on your mood and your favorite topics and themes.

Simple tracking and insightful stats

Easily track and learn about your reading habits with our wide range of charts and graphs.

See how your reading develops over time and use that to help you pick better books.

A collage of 4 different types of charts. Top left is a line chart with two lines showing books and pages read per month within a year. Bottom left is a pie chart showing split of moods read. Top right is a pie chart showing split of pace read. Bottom right is a bar chart showing a user's star ratings.

Get smart personalised recommendations

Our machine learning AI is like your trusted go-to friend for book recommendations.

It'll understand your reading preferences and find the best books for you.

It's uncanny how spot on the recommendations are!

Photo of Yuko outside looking up, to the left, into the distance.
Yuko C. Shimomoto
Freelance Translator & Writer
A screenshot of The StoryGraph's Recommendations page. There is a collapsed filter menu with the title 'What are you in the mood for?'. Underneath are two book recommendations.

Discover books by mood

In the mood for something adventurous, funny, and fast-paced? What about a darker, slower, more emotional read?

Mix and match our comprehensive set of filters to choose your next perfect book.

Screenshot of The StoryGraph's homepage with two rows of books covers. The top row is titled 'To-Read Pile' and the bottom row is titled 'Recommendations'. Overlayed, on the left, is the mobile view of a filter menu. There are options to select mood, pace, fiction or nonfiction, and genres.

Read with friends

Add live reactions to specific parts of the book without fear of spoilers. Comments are locked for other participants until they reach that point in their reading.

Don't have people to read with? We’ve got machine learning-powered suggestions for great reading buddies.

Screenshot of an in-progress buddy read on The StoryGraph. On the top left is a small thumbnail of the cover of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall. To the right is information about who is hosting the buddy read and when it ends. Underneath are 4 white panes arranged in two rows of two, each showing a participant's username, profile picture, and how far in the book they are, by way of a green progress bar. Underneath is a snippet of the discussion. There is a green progress bar showing the comments relate to 10% into the book. Someone has commented on adjusting to Mantel's writing and another participant has replied saying that their college studies have helped them get used to it more quickly.

A fully-featured Amazon-free alternative to Goodreads

StoryGraph is the all-in-one platform for your bookish needs.

Custom Tags & Lists

Organise, search, and filter books by your tags and share curated lists with friends.

Reading Challenges

Set up personal goals or join others around the world in a range of fun challenges.

Content Warnings

Choose your next read with the confidence that it won't contain triggering content.

Half & Quarter Stars

No more rounding your rating up or down. Express how you really feel.

Built-in DNF & Owned

Marking a book as Did Not Finish or Owned is only one click away.

Reading Journal

Record private notes and thoughts alongside your progress updates.

Up Next Queue

Having trouble keeping track of what you want to read next? Queue up your next 5 reads.

Book Clubs

Coming soon: vote on books, organise meetings, and host compelling discussions.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us.

Does The StoryGraph have a mobile app?
Yes! We're on the App Store and the Play Store. If we're not available in your country, you can download our app from our website.
Will I be able to import my data from Goodreads?
You sure can! We will import all of your currently-reading, read, to-read, and did-not-finish shelves. Any custom shelves will be mapped to a custom tag on StoryGraph.
Is The StoryGraph free to use?
It is, and most of the app will always be free to use. We do have a paid Plus plan for users looking for a more enhanced, personalised experience!
Who is behind The StoryGraph?
It's run and built by Nadia Odunayo and Rob Frelow. It started life as a personal side project of Nadia's to create and track progress through reading lists. Find out more on our team page.